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+Good Friday Omega 3 rich lunch

Scomber Scombrus !

This north Atlantic fish's latin name above, appears at spring time to late summer, then departs our shores for warmer waters. However, low mercury fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovy, Sardine, Herring (SMASH) don’t just help you avoid the risk of high mercury, but they provide tremendous benefit. Most notably, SMASH fish are especially rich in Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, is required for proper brain functioning. Omega 3 fats are a major component of cell membranes, so nourishing the body with omega 3 fats keeps cellular communication functioning properly. Additionally, cognitive decline from Alzheimer’s Disease is linked to decreases in DHA (3).

Beyond omega 3 fats, another benefit of eating SMASH fish is healing the gut. A healthy gut is correlated with increased products of the microbiome, which is one of many interventions that can contribute to the reversal of cognitive decline. Some benefits of an improved microbiome are increased nutrient absorption and a reduction in inflammation.

There is a fine outer skin a Japanese chef friend of mine once showed me how to remove. Don't worry about all the Chefy tips though, as they can be eaten as is. A good tip is to run the knife either side of the pin bones and remove them.

Serve with a fennel, rocket and orange salad.

Picture by John Claridge,

When I was head chef at The French House Restaurant.

The mackerel has more life in it than I did !


For 2 servings

  1. 4/6 fillets of mackerel depending on their size.

  2. The juice & zest of 1 lime

  3. A 1 cm square of ginger grated

  4. Soya sauce or if gluten free (GF) tamari sauce

  5. Sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds


1. Marinate the mackerel in the soy sauce/tamari, lime zest & juice

2. Fire up a lump wood bbq or heat up a grill

3. Cook for about 2/3 minutes each side

4. Arrange on a plate and drizzle with sesame oil, then sprinkle with sesame seeds

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